Does your Dad have chronic conditions, major or minor injuries, or emotional setbacks that prevents him from doing what he loves? Look no further! We have the remedy to get your dad back on his feet doing what he loves!

Give your Dad the gift of rekindling his passion this Father’s Day!

How does it work?

CBD is one large component of the hemp plant. When we say “Full Spectrum” we are saying that our oil holds the most cannabinoids that can be extracted from the plant. We highlight CBD because our Full Spectrum Oils are all very rich in CBD. CBD encourages the endocannabinoid system present in our brains, which is system is the main system that promotes homeostasis of the mental and physical body. For this reason, CBD Hemp Oil has been known to have balancing benefits which could encourage repair of chronic conditions, major or minor injuries, emotional setbacks, and even insomnia by providing your brain the opportunity to re-cultivate this balance!

At Ascend Hemp Oil, we primarily source CBD Rich, Full Spectrum, Hemp Oils from Certified Organic and family-oriented farms. 

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“Soothing Salve” and Full Spectrum Kentucky OG Bundle

For the Dad who Cooks

This combo is known to work with any pesky cuts and burns that may get in the way of his love of cooking with our Soothing Salve and Full Spectrum Kentucky OG Hemp Oil. Regular application of our Soothing Salve and regular dosing of our Full Spectrum Kentucky OG Hemp Oil will help any injuries that get in his way, freeing him to make as many delicious meals as he likes!

For the Sporty Dad

If your Dad has injuries from sports, help him get back on his feet with our Full Spectrum Kentucky OG Hemp Oil and Soothing Salve Combo. This combo has been known soothe his sore muscles, congested chest, or swollen gums with our Kentucky OG Hemp Oil and Icy Heat Salve. With regular usage, he may be delighted at how quickly he feels a shift in his injury!

For the Dad who Can’t Sleep

If your Dad has trouble falling asleep, or staying asleep, give him the gift of a restful slumber with our Sleepwell Hemp Oil and “Calm” Salve bundle. Our Sleepwell will put him straight to bed and our “Calm” Salve will help relax his body and mind with the power of 10 different essential oils. Have him take a dropper of Sleepwell before bed and rub the Calm salve on the bottoms of his feet, stomach, chest, back of the neck, temples, and any other points of tension to help him rest throughout the night!

For the Emotionally Troubled Dad

Whether you’ve noticed, or talked to your Dad about him being in a funk, high-strung from work, or holding onto the emotional setbacks of daily life, give him the gift of peace of mind with our Flight of Live Oil. We believe in utilizing the power of multiple strains of hemp to give the brain variety when working on mental health. This Flight of Live Oils includes Hawaiian Haze, Early Resin Berry, and Cherry Abacus to give him a variety of options when learning what his brain needs. 

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For the Aesthetically Conscious Dad

Give your Dad the gift of healthy and hydrated skin with our I AM Beauty Rejuvenation Kit! This standard kit comes with our I AM Beauty Cleanser, Stimulating Toner, Nourishing Creme, and Hand & Body Lotion. All I AM Beauty Skincare is manufactured with a CBC Rich Hemp Oil sourced from Colorado, and a ton of Frankincense to help heal and rejuvenate his skin, giving him that youthful glow he misses. This super anti-aging skincare will fill in his wrinkles, leaving his skin happy, healthy, and hydrated, making this the perfect gift for the Dad who loves to keep his skin nourished.